07 July 2010

Android Phone Give Away a Way

Alright! Another flying entry for Unang Pahina na nagpapahinga lagi!

Nokia 2100 (2006-present) - came from my little sister. I am third year college way back 2006. Mobile phone was a necessity. So they gave me this. It's still alive not only kicking but also blinking. Pinalinya ko na sa Meralco kasi madaling malowbat. Ginagamit ko pa din. At ako lang ang kayang magtiyaga na gumamit. :D

Samsung Chuva (2009-???) came from my little little sister. It's a buy1take1. She gave me this (naawa) kasi bulok na daw ung cp ko. Birthday gift from a birthday girl. Sweet ng bunso. My little sister handed it after we exchanged her N70 that came from my brother.

N70 (2010- 6:45 PM of June 7, 2010) (7:00 PM June 7, 2010-present) This was inherited from the eldest, to the younger one, and then to me. This N70 lost its life for about 15 minutes and after it was snatched by a slasher on a jeepney but I fought for it after realizing that my wallet was also stolen. I ran for it, cross the street and follow the wrong man. But the snatcher was too nervous as he rode a jeepney full of passenger. Tanga. The jeepney didn't run. That's the time I kill him in the front of may people. Blood had spilled on their faces. Just joking. I sent him to jail at set him free future (kinabukasan=future?) because I got lazy to attend the inquest. Sabi ko na lang sa imbestigador, paki-sampolan ng kamao ni Shiva.

I deserve to have an Android Phone bicos...

I want to have a new phone that is not an old phone. I only received give away phones. And I have a strong feeling that Android Phone Give Away will give a way to me to have a new one. :D

And if ever I win this contest, I will have an Android Phone.Malamang. Seriously, I'm planning to give my N70 to my "prof" which is a hardworking-breadwinner of her family. Her cellphone started not to function last week and she found it hard to text her father to fetch him at night. Bigla ko siya namiss ah...tsk :D

That's why I joined the Android Phone Give Away Contest of Sir Jehz. :D

I deserve to have this Android Phone because anyone also deserve it. Just like me normal me, me na me.

Probability of Winning: 99%
Probability of Losing: 99% din :D


  1. Dami na kalaban hehehe..kinakabahan na ako

  2. "Probability of Winning: 99%
    Probability of Losing: 99% din :D"

    wahahaha, ang kulit :P

  3. wooot! thanks for joining! woot.. kaso di mo finollow mechanic number 6.. O__O so disqualified na entry u. :(

  4. oha ang galing ko disqualified. at ang malupit dun, ngayon ko lang nabasa toh hahaha :D Ayusin ko na nga buhay sa blog :D